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SME financing solutions
  • Easy application
  • Speedy approval

  • Simple fee structure
  • Ultra-low rates
Easy application
You are only required to submit few essential documents online. No more tedious application procedures. But the ease of application does not mean it is unsecure, all application information and documents will be encrypted both during transmission through the internet, and at rest in our data storage.
Speedy approval
By leveraging big data technologies, all applications will be assessed with our proprietary algorithm, and can be approved as quickly as within the same day. Extremely suitable for the ever-changing business world.
Simple fee structure
Unlike traditional lenders, we do not charge anything more than the principal and interests. No hidden fees and costs.
Ultra-low rates
With our intelligent and automatic assessment and approval process, substantial costs are eliminated and rates can be lowered to a whole new level. Enjoy ultra-low rates and expand your business without any concerns.
Rates get even lower if you're Jarvix Pay / users!
Jarvix CapitalTraditional lender
As quickly as same day approvalLong assessment process, can be up to over a month
Easy application done via internet, save time and costApplication has to be done physically
Only requires you to submit few essential documents, nothing more than necessaryRequires you to submit lots of unnecessary information, discourages you from applying for anything
All application information and documents are encrypted and securedApplications are done through out-dated and unsecured means, your privacy can be at risk
Ultra-low rates, no hidden feeHigh rates and even hidden fee can exist

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